If you have a COUGH and FEVER; call us before arriving at the clinic. You will be advised accordingly.  Ph: (246) 428-9452

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I visited this clinic several years ago after falling unwell on a flight and simply put they saved my life as I had far more serious condition when I thought I had pulled a muscle in my leg. The care there was very good and I would recommend this clinic to anyone. Also, my mum fell on another holiday here (we are usually lucky people!) and they gave excellent care. Thank you Elcourt, from us both (but especially from me).
My wife and I arrived at Elcourt Clinic today without a prior appointment. She was seen quite immediately, and I cannot say enough about the exceptional care We felt we were in excellent hands at the Elcourt - if you are unfortunately enough to require medical care while visiting Barbados, the Elcourt is the place to go.
I was nervous mainly due to not having been treated in another country before so not knowing what to expect. The level of service was outstanding. I cannot recommend the Elcourt Clinic highly enough to everyone needing medical attention when in the area, thank you Elcourt Clinic.
Can't say enough! Professional, caring, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and sincerely dedicated to each and every patient.
Good place to go to get medical care on the South Coast. Experienced staff. Open late. Pharmacy on site.
Good Service


In order to minimize the spread of virus:

If you have a COUGH and FEVER

Call us before arriving at the clinic

You will be advised accordingly.

Phone: (246) 428-9452